Q: What does your guide provide for your trip?
A: Boat - 1800 Lund Pro V
Motor - 90 hp Yamaha 4 stroke
Lowrance electronics
Minn Kota Vantage electric trollong motor
St Croix rods
Shamano reels
Bait / tackle / Gas / Oil
Floatation devices (life jackets)
40 years of knowledge and experience gained by fishing beautiful Lake Vermilion

Q: What do you the client need to bring?
A: Current Minnesota fishing license (16 years or older)
Hat/cap, sunglasses, sunscreen, camera, cookies for the guide
Rain/wind gear, seasonal appropriate clothing
Optional - personal floatation device, rods and reels if you prefer to use your own.

Q: What are the best times of the year and/or season to fish Lake Vermilion?
A: Any and/or all! "Every day is a new adventure!"

Q: What part of the lake does the guide fish?
A: I fish the entire lake. I am willing and prepared to go wherever I need to provide the optimum fishing experience for my customers.

Q: What specie of fish do you specialize in?
A: For me the walleye is the "king" of Lake Vermilion's fishery. Most of my fishing is for walleyes, especially early and late in the season. However I'm willing and prepared to fish for bass, northerns and panfish.

Q: How will we fish?
A: I usually let the fish answer this question. We might use jigs, rigs, crankbaits, spinner rigs or slip bobbers. We may cast, troll, drift or still fish. I am prepared to use any or all of these methods. Whatever it takes to have a successful trip.

Q: How long will we fish and what are your rates?
1/2 day (4 hours)
3/4 day (6 hours)
Full day (8 hours)
1 - 2 persons
$ 350
$ 450
$ 550
extra person
$ 50
$ 75
$ 100
trailer boat
$ 100
$ 150
$ 200
Prices beginning March 1, 2018
Shore lunch available for $25/person
No hidden charges!
Gratuities are optional / willingly accepted =;<) !

Q: What do you do when you are not fishing?
A: Most of the time I am thinking about fishing or fishing.

Q: What kind of cookies do you prefer?
A: Oatmeal/raisin cookies are my favirite. Second choice - any kind!!

Q: Do bears really do what they say?
A: Check it out HERE!!

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